It is Possible to Become a Reiki Master Online?

It is Possible to Become a Reiki Master Online?

If you are looking into the possibility of becoming a Reiki Master, you must have bumped into several websites offering online Reiki attunements and Reiki courses that claim to be able to do long distances attunements.

At first this idea of being attuned long distance might sound really strange to you, especially if you haven’t yet had in-depth touch with the concepts of Reiki. What happens during an attunement is best described as lining up your core energy fields to the Reiki energy and freeing up the pathways so that this energy can freely flow through your body and hands. Some people feel that it is totally necessary that this attunement to become a Reiki Master happens person to person and that a certified Reiki Master should literally place their hands on you in order to ensure that a true attunement takes place.

While one can respect that opinion although, many people feel that it goes against what is Reiki really about, a limitless bundle of life energy that can help to align people, animals and plants in order to create a happier and healthier life. When you feel attunements should happen face to face you are actually limiting the power of that life force energy. But naturally, every person wanting to become a Reiki Master should choose the path that feels right to them.

If that means that you feel it is right for you to go on a month retreat and spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to receive your Reiki attunements than that is probably the right path for you, but please don´t feel you have to spend that much in order to become a Reiki Master. There are a few places online that offer good Reiki distance attunements that can really mark the first steps on your Reiki healing path.

Before you commit to an expensive retreat, you may wish to take a look at the available online resources.

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