Is Your Showering Poisoning Your Family

Is Your Showering Poisoning Your Family

Most of us take a shower without even thinking about the effect of the water flowing over us and the fact that the chlorinated water pouring down does affect our bodies. These effects can take a long time to realize as they don’t happen in one day. Researching chlorine will show that we should be more aware of the dangers involved. It is a good idea to install shower head filters in all your bathrooms.

Tap water is generally not our first choice in drinking water. Some tap water will stop a person from drinking it just from the odor and taste. Not too many people get in the shower and think about the chlorine though. Generally, the concentration of chlorine is even higher in the shower than in drinking water.

Think about how our pores react to hot water, the open. This enables the chlorine to get absorbed easily into our blood and skin. This absorption of the chlorinated water is toxic and can result in health problems.

Shower water filters are available to help with this problem by using charcoal based media. These do filters out some of the chlorine. But bacteria are still able to breed in this type of filter, and subsequently in the water. A medial called KDF is a recent technology that filters out elements like and chlorine. By using an ionic charge, it is able to eliminate mostly all of the chlorine and additionally, bacteria will not materialize.

Filters will need replacing in any type of water filter. The smell of chlorine will alarm you that it is time to replace the filter. The amount of time before your filter needs replacement will depend on the shower usage.

Shower filters come in different designs. Note that some of the filters attach to the end of the pipe and others between the shower head and the pipe. Base your decision on the type of water filter you would like by which is best for your lifestyle.

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