Is Quick Weight Loss Possible?

Is Quick Weight Loss Possible?

Whether you’re getting ready for a wedding, a reunion or a summer vacation, you may want to lose some weight and lose it fast.  I know it’s even happened to me. I got a little lazy on my fitness program and ended up putting on a few pounds and then realized, I had to fit into a dress by the end of the month.  Obviously, the best bet is to stick with a healthy eating lifestyle without all of the ups and downs on the scale.  That being said, let’s look at what your best best is for quick weight loss.

As with all weight loss, the only thing that really works is to burn more calories than you consume.  You need to create a calorie deficit and if you want to lose weight fast, then you’ll need to create a large calorie deficit.  How much?  That depends on how much weight you want to lose and how quickly you want to do it.  Of course, you don’t want to adversely affect your overall health just to look good.  Please check with your doctor before engaging in any diet program.

First thing to do is eliminate all of the processed and refined foods in your diet. Keeping things natural is one of the best weight loss tips I can give. I would also suggest cutting back on carbs and fat as much as possible.  Clean protein will give you fastest and healthiest weight loss possible.  By “clean” I mean protein without too many fats (bacon isn’t clean protein). Grilled chicken breast and scrambled egg whites are both great examples.

One very simple change you can make is to greatly reduce the amount of sodium you’re consuming.  This isn’t just done while cooking, it’s done while shopping.  If you’re on a healthy eating program, you’re probably used to looking at the fat, carbohydrate and protein content of food, but do you look at sodium as well?  Diet soda is one of the things you can cut back on that is loaded with tons of sodium.  Of course, most restaurant food is sodium laden as well.  Keep your eyes out of this little waist-line expander and you’ll reap many benefits.

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  1. Julia S. says:

    Thanks for nice tips on losing weight. I will try them!

  2. Free Exercises To Lose Weight says:

    Resistance bands are great for working out at home. Not only are they affordable, they take up very little space in your home. You can travel with them too… They’ve got a good mix of cardio and strength training… It’s like having a personal trainer in your own home.

  3. Cho Yung Tea says:

    yes one can easily and fastly lose weight by exercising or other methods like dieting ,good food ,green vegetables and fruits…………………

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