Ionic White Teeth Whitening: In Comparison

Ionic White Teeth Whitening: In Comparison

There are different ways in treating discolored and blemished teeth. If you have a limited budget, you can make your own solution using Carbamide peroxide. If you have the money to pay and want the transformation fast, you can opt to a dentist but the best option is with the use of ionic white teeth whitening toothpaste for a faster yet cost effective way.

In making your own solution you will need baking soda and Carbamide peroxide. Mix the two until the consistency is like that of a toothpaste. You can then use this as toothpaste and apply it 3 times a day. But because the content of Carbamide peroxide is at a lesser percentage, the whitening process may take several weeks to become noticeable. Although this will cost you less, the process is very lengthy and the continuous intake of coffee, tea or the habit of smoking can slow the process even more.
With a dentist, the whitening process is considerably faster because they utilize a substance with higher percentage of Carbamide peroxide plus they expose the area to a laser thus enhancing the oxidation process of the peroxide resulting to a faster whitening effect. Dentist may use other technological products to help produce the results quickly. You may attain and have white teeth at the end of the day but this does not make your teeth permanently white. It can still stain after some time and this can put the thousands of money you have spent to waste.

But with an ionic white tooth whitening solution you will get to have a set of items that will whiten your teeth and it will include a toothpaste or gel that contains increase Carbamide peroxide percentage in it. The set also includes something that looks like a transparent tooth guard which works to hasten the whitening effect of the gel. This way you will have a faster effect at a low price.

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