Inversion Table Therapy

Inversion Therapy With Inversion Table: Mastercare

Inversion therapy has been around since ancient times and is still used today for various purposes. With the efficiency of inversion therapy in relieving pain and there many other benefits to the body, inversion tables were invented to make inversion easy and convenient. It is now more convenient to undergo inversion therapy than before when…  [continue reading] 


Mastercare Inversion Table For The Relief of Back Pain

When you are suffering from back pain, you would always think of the fastest and easiest way to get rid of it. Back pain will surely affect your daily activities. You usually take pain relievers to quickly alleviate the pain and get back to your routine. However, do pain relievers help or will they just…  [continue reading] 


Inversion Table: Back Pains No More

The pain associated with the lower back, neck and hips is said to be disruptive to living a quality life. This is true indeed if you ask people who have chronic pains in this area. This can even keep them in the bed or in the couch for the whole day because of the pain,…  [continue reading] 


3 Advantages of an Inversion Chair

Using an inversion chair as a method for traction therapy can be very beneficial if you suffer from back pain. While this therapy technique has been used for centuries, it’s only recently that the inversion table industry has matured and we are now seeing tremendous growth in inversion chair and table options. Read on for…  [continue reading] 


The Purpose of an Inversion Table

Do you have issues with your back? An inversion table can help with a variety of different back problems. These devises are becoming an increasingly popular form of relieving back pain. Back pain is often due to compressed nerves. When the discs in your spine get scrunched together, twisted etc, it can pinch one of…  [continue reading]