Inversion Table: Back Pains No More

Inversion Table: Back Pains No More

The pain associated with the lower back, neck and hips is said to be disruptive to living a quality life. This is true indeed if you ask people who have chronic pains in this area. This can even keep them in the bed or in the couch for the whole day because of the pain, unable to do things that they want to do. The most well known solution to these is medication and in severe cases, surgery. This is the reason why the inversion table is a technological advancement that is seen to be very useful and applicable in today’s pursuit for lesser medication in the body. Inversion therapy has been known to be around a couple of thousands years ago and now is rediscovered through many forms of inversion equipment. Many opt for the table because it offers back support unlike other methods for the application of the therapy.

Inversion therapy works by using the effects of gravity upside down. Instead f having it pushing the body to the ground, the inverted position allows the body to be pulled the other way around resulting to the alleviation of pain in the joints. Pain in the lower back for example is sometimes caused by the dislocation of the joints of the spinal column. By effectively pulling the joints apart the pressure point is released causing instant relief from pain in that specific area. People who have been doing inversion therapy have agreed that indeed the principle behind it works like a charm against pain.

The Teeter inversion table is one of the most respected brands today. Buying a well reputed table is as important as the therapy itself. You need to be sure of your equipment when you are hanging upside down in the air, suspended from the ground. Safety is indeed very important.

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