Intense Exercise with Body Solid G10b

Intense Exercise with Body Solid G10b

The Body Solid G10B is a Bi-Angular Technology. The Bi-Angular Press Arm guides you through the optimal range of motion while applying resistance from two directions. The smooth, multi-directional resistance muscle interaction by more than 25 percent. The adjustable Bi-AngularĀ® Arms give the user several starting points for Chest Press, Shoulder Press and Incline Press. This would really allow you to do your exercises more intensely and get a more apparent result. G10B comes with the Perfect Pec Station. This machine is equipped with swivel arms, adjustable range of motion, and designed for both unilateral and bilateral movements so you can get the maximum stretch for deep muscle toning and most amazing upper body development possible. The Leg Curlof the Leg Extension Station was designed with adjustable cams to precisely fit the exercise to the user. It has also a High, Mid and Low Pulleys with Lat Pull Downs, Weight Resistance Crunches, and Standing Bicep Curls. This is a very fine piece of home exercise equipment.

The other Stations that G10 can expand to:
Inner & Outer Thigh Station
Cable Column Station
Leg & Calf Press Station
The G10 machine Features the following:
Hydraulic Seat Adjustment
Two (2) 210 lb. weight stacks/ 260 lbs available
Biangular Motion Chest Press
Supports up to two (2) simultaneous users
Lat Pulldown / High Pulley
Seated Row / Low Pulley
Leg Extension or Leg curl
Lumber support pads
Perfect Pec Fly Station included
50 plus possible exercises
Includes Lat Bar, Revolving Straight Bar, Utility Strap, Ab or Triceps Strap, Workout DVD, Workout Poster

G10B offers a lifetime warranty for in-home personal use; this is only applicable only for the frame, pads, pulleys, and cables. For commercial use; pulleys, bushings, bearing and hardware are two years warranty. For cables, upholstery, grips and all other components are of one year warranty. The dimensions are 74 x 99 x 83.5 inches and weighs 941 pounds.

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