Indoor Cycling for Getting in Shape and Losing Weight

Indoor Cycling for Getting in Shape and Losing Weight

One of the most popular and arguably best exercise classes for losing weight is indoor cycling. These classes can have the benefit of strengthening muscles as well as working providing cardiovascular benefits. Most good instructor led classes have at least a couple of components to the activity. Endurance riding will help build and tone muscles. The instructor will have the rider increase the resistance to simulate hill climbing. To burn fat sprints are engaged. The instructor will have the class ride as hard as possible for a short period of time. These are usually done in sets of three with limited rest between each repetition. This is an excellent fast and healthy weight loss activity.

If you are attending an indoor cycling class for the first time then you should be aware of a couple of things you may want to bring with you. You will definitely need to stay hydrated so bringing a water bottle is a necessity. Additionally, depending on your level of intensity you will sweat a lot. If the gym does not provide them, you will want to bring a towel to wipe off the sweat you are sure to generate.

Most indoor cycles are equipped with clipless pedals. You can use regular sneakers and slide your feet into the toe straps or you can bring special cycling shoes with an SPD cleat on the bottom which will attach to the pedal mechanism. The latter is much preferred as it will give the rider more stability and power.

Many participants wear padded cycling shorts to class much like they would wear on their road or mountain bike. They are more comfortable and do not move around like a pair of regular shorts will tend to do. Other folks wear simple tights.

If you want to keep track of how long you are riding and how many calories you burn then using a heart rate monitor is definitely a good choice. Most classes are fairly intense, but allow the participant some room to exercise at their own pace. You will want to monitor your effort to make sure you are getting the most out of the class.

Indoor cycling is a great fitness activity year-round. When it is too cold or to hot it can be a good choice for getting in shape. It is a fun fitness activity. The instructors typically play motivating music and some classes actually have a movie being played that simulate riding in exotic locales or up mountains or on trails.

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