Identify and Treat Poison Oak Rash

Identify and Treat Poison Oak Rash

Anytime a rash shows up after a little walk in the woods, everyone immediately assumes that it is poison ivy, right? Well it could also be poison oak, a form of poison ivy that does essentially the exact same thing. The reason for this is that both plants contain urushiol, which is the chemical that causes poison oak rash. Around 80% of people that are known to have come in contact with it have experienced side effects.

The rash itself can appear within an hour of being in contact with the plant, but it can also take up to a week to show its side effects.  Primarily however, it happens right away and people will need the poison oak cure immediately. It starts by growing red and swelling in the area that touched the plant. Eventually it will rise into bumps, blister, and then ooze. As horrifying as it looks, that is not even the worst part. It creates a torturous itching sensation, leaving its victims in shock and pain.

It is advisable to wear long sleeves when out in the woods in order to avoid contact in the first place. If you have already mistakenly touched the plant, a thorough shower with soap and hot water should do the trick. The clothing you wore during that time should either be discarded or also cleaned thoroughly as traces of urushiol may still be on it. Antihistamines such as a cream for your skin may be used afterwards, as a shower is not a promised cure.

However, if you’re still hiking through the endless trails when you’ve stumbled onto some poison oak and you aren’t near a shower, your only option for poison oak treatment is to find a Jewelweed plant. The juice that comes from the stem of this orange flower is a for sure cure, and conveniently, grows near poison oak! If none of the home remedies seem to be helping then you are advised to seek medical attention immediately.

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