Hybrid Golf Clubs – Woods and Irons in One

There are two primary sorts of golf clubs, namely woods and irons. Woods are generally used for long range shots off the tee or on the fairway. Irons, such as Talyormade r7 irons, exhibit more versatility than woods and are useful for various sorts of shots. Putters could be considered another category of club, albeit they are specialized for use in the short game on the green only.

Hybrid golf clubs, as the name would seem to indicate, are a fusion of irons and woods. This permits the club to possess the long range capacity of woods combined with the swing feel of irons. Frequently they are substituted for high number woods and/or low number irons. But some manufacturers produce hybrid clubs that can be substituted for all irons from the 1 iron to the 9 iron. A common name for these clubs is “iron replacers” because they can fill the place of an iron club while simultaneously being less difficult to swing correctly. The moniker “Rescues” is also often applied to them, because the Taylor-Made rescue was among the first golf clubs to utilize this design. This name is quite apt because such a club can aid the player in escaping a difficult shot.

Several years past, Golf Illustrated, among the leading golf magazines in this country, formulated a test to gauge hybrid golf gear. Golfers of multiple skill levels were called upon to try the clubs and determine which ones were all around best suited to players. Among the criterion utilized for testing were accuracy, appearance, ball flight, distance, and sound. Top score was owned by the Callaway FusionFT, now considered to be amongst the finest if not THE finest of hybrid golf clubs. Very close second honors were taken by the Nicklaus-Claw club. If what you seek is a superb set of hybrid golf clubs for use on a golf vacation, you can’t go wrong with a set from either of these manufacturers.

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