How To Prevent Pimples: Relax!

How To Prevent Pimples: Relax!

Many people, both young and old find themselves asking how to prevent pimples. However, what many do not realize is that an enormous cause of acne lies not in germs or bacteria on one’s skin, but on our bodies inability to cope with them. Stresses and negative beliefs can take their toll on our immune functions and livers, and acne is the unsightly symptom of a deeper problem. If you want to know how to remove pimples by eliminating chronic stress, read on.

When you are stressed out, you are sending your body a signal that tells it you are under threat, and your fight or flight reflexes kick in. In prehistoric times, human beings usually experienced stress at infrequent times and for short periods when there was actual danger. For example, a predator or a life-threatening fight. Stress causes a release of many different chemicals and physical responses that prime your body for action. The biggest among them is cortisol. Unfortunately, chronic stress is common in the western world, and so too is a chronic presence of cortisol and inflammation. If you want to know how to treat pimples, you must eliminate this chronic state of stress. Cortisol over time weakens immune function, depletes muscular tissue and promotes fat storage, and will of course contribute to acne.

However, your body also has to contend with environmental stresses. Metals, Carcinogens, lead, paint, etc. are all present in trace amounts not just in the air, but in your home, on living and kitchen furniture, in your clothes, and even in your bathroom, and must be processed and filtered by your liver each and every day. Ordinarily such environmental stresses are easily dealt with by a healthy body. But this in combination with a pro-inflammatory diet high in processed carbohydrates, grains, sugars, and various artificial chemicals and food additives can quickly add up to a powerful strain on the body. When your liver is overtaxed, toxins are stored within your cells and released into the blood stream. In reality, this is the primary reason for acne, and is especially evident in teenagers undergoing puberty who struggle with how to prevent pimples and treat them. During puberty, the body grows and changes at an accelerated rate, and generates a lot of extra waste in the process which places a higher demand on the body and liver to cope with it. In order to remove pimples, strain from stress and environmental factors must be minimized.

Place added emphasis on natural foods. Clean, organic meat, fish, and fresh vegetables are extremely dense in nutrients and anti-oxidants that should provide the backbone of your anti-inflammatory efforts. Also, sunlight and physical activity are all just as useful at arming your body with the resources it needs to fight acne and inflammation.
hormone receptors. Combined with good nutrition, this can be enough to stop acne right in it’s tracks.

So if you want to know how to get rid of acne fast, and how to prevent pimples, just remember to follow these tips and you will soon have a healthy, vibrant body and skin.

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