How to Make Your Workout Schedule More Fun

How to Make Your Workout Schedule More Fun

We all need to make sure we get enough exercise, but many of us either do not have enough time to fit in a workout schedule or we get bored with the routine we have started and give up. How can you fit a healthy amount of exercise into your busy life and make it more fun?

Think about the exercise you are doing now and the enjoyment you derive from it. If you are bored and slacking then it’s time to change the schedule and type of exercise for something more fitting to your life and more enjoyable. You do not have to go to a gym and pound away at a treadmill to be fit! There are many more enjoyable ways. Have you considered joining a dance class? You will certainly get enough exercise and have fun at the same time. Persuade a friend to go with you or organize a twice weekly run around the local park or through the woods. You could buy an exercise or dance DVD to do at home. Great fun and great exercise at the same time!

Exercising regularly with a friend is a good way to stay motivated. You will encourage each other and it’s harder to slacken off if you have a friend eager to got to the park and run. You will need to fit exercise into your schedule at least three times a week and if you enjoy it you will be much more likely to keep it up. Sporadic, half-hearted exercise attempts are not going to keep you fit! As well as vigorous exercise daily more gentle exercise is also beneficial. This could be walking more than you usually do or going for a swim. Don’t ever feel guilty about taking time for yourself to fit in your exercising as it is essential for your health.

Walking is a great way to exercise regularly and one thing you can do is to increase the distance you walk every day. Park further away from the shops or use the stairs instead of the elevator. All these small measures add up over the course of a day. To monitor how much you are walking consider buying a pedometer and using it to help you increase the number of steps you take daily.

A workout routine that fits into your lifestyle and is enjoyable is the first step to becoming healthier. Don’t settle for boring exercising at the gym but choose an exercise that you find fun and will become part of your life.

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