How To Make Your Family Eat More Fruit

How To Make Your Family Eat More Fruit

As a homemaker or a responsible parent, it is imperative that you recognize the responsibility you have to your kids. A major component of this responsibility is making sure that your kids get the right kind of nutrition and that their needs are adequately taken care of. Children, especially at their growing age need more nutrition than other and when I say nutrition it is not just a term that mean adequacy but also wholeness and completeness of the type and kind of meals that they are having. They need a variety of elements like magnesium and calcium for their bones, iron in the system to make sure that their bodies can oxygenate blood properly and so on and so forth.

While you may appreciate the science that goes behind the whole idea, making your kids want to consume food is something that medical science hasn’t fixed yet so it is all up to you on this one. While you can bribe you kids with fruit, it does little good. What you need to do is make fruit a part of their as well as your daily routine. Place a wire fruit basket at the door and load it up with ‘handy’ fruit like apples, pears or even grapes – pretty much anything that doesn’t need to be peeled or cut into will do.

Other than that you should make smoothies a part of your daily breakfast and then have fruit for dessert as well. Even if you have to serve ice cream or custard with your cut fruit, the health benefits that are achieved by eating the fruit are not diminished in any manner what so ever. Fruit tastes good as well once you’ve gotten used to eating it and in most cases a couple of weeks after regular consumption of fruit children equate it to candy – now that can’t be bad can it?

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