How To Get Slimmer The Right Way!

How To Get Slimmer The Right Way!

Today many people are looking for ways to slim their body down to a healthy size. All of them are looking for way to change their appearance, when they should in fact be looking for ways to make their body healthier and the results would follow. But since we are all so results-oriented these days, it is difficult to keep an eye on an arbitrary goal of being healthier, and instead focus on a clear goal like losing ten pounds – which in most cases isn’t enough.

To attain a healthy and fit body you will need to understand a few problems that are very common with people these days – insulin resistance, and excessive stress caused by environmental factors.

Insulin resistance is caused by the amount of insulin that our bodies produce based on our diet. Insulin acts as an aging substance in our body, and the more we produce it the more our cells age. The best ways to fight this is to reduce your carbohydrate intake and only consume nutrient dense foods that aren’t dense in calories – meaning simple and close to their natural state.

Many people start using products like slimming patches when they try to achieve their goals, and in most cases this results in eating the same foods but less of them, and once they get off the supplements that they are using, they quickly bounce back to the weight at which they originally were.

The stress factor is a completely other story, and it is caused by everything that we do in our lives – it has been estimated that we are under a hundred times more stress than our ancestors, and for this reason, our bodies produce more cortisol causing muscle tissue to break and be stored in fat. What can we do to lessen this effect?

First of all we should all consume one or more health supplements that have been shown to regain a natural cortisol balance – these would include Rhodiola Rosea, taurine, magnesium and others. These help you relax after a hard working day and this way reduce the cortisol levels at night.

We should try to calm ourselves down whenever it is possible, and for this I would have to recommend meditation and other relaxing exercises – all you have to do is close your eyes and focus on your breathing for five to ten minutes. Afterwards you will find that you are a lot calmer than you were before.

What most people don’t understand is that aerobic workouts increase the amount of cortisol produced, and when they are on a diet they increase the amount of cardio in their schedule, causing them to lose muscle mass, and gain fat – another factor which takes them further away from being slimmer.

If you wanat to have the body of your dreams, then it is a good idea to see a lifestyle coach that can in detail go through the changes that you need to do in your everyday life, to get the body of your dreams, and extend your lifespan.

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