Homeopathic Remedies


Organic Herbal Remedies: Nature’s Way of Healing

Though herbal remedies have helped mankind from the very beginning, scientific research on herbal medicine in our modern world is still considered to be in its stage of infancy. Herbalists and herbal medicine has long been a target of skepticism especially from the medical authorities. Though the medical field has undoubtedly paved the way for…  [continue reading] 


Easing Arthritis Pain With Raisins And Gin

There are many folk remedies that purport to help with easing arthritic pain, ranging from the bizarre to the sublime. However, none has quite the initial appeal as the recommendation to consume raisins and gin. After all, there is a general expectation that for any cure to work it must be just a little unpleasant;…  [continue reading] 


Chia seeds and why a balanced diet is best when losing weight

It is now widely known among nutritionists and dietitians that the chia seeds provide the body with numerous nutrient content required by the body. Whether you use the whole or ground seeds in your daily diet, they have the following benefits: 1.    They have more omega 3s than salmon, necessary for keeping the heart healthy…  [continue reading] 


Beetroot Juice- natural remedy for high blood pressure

There definitely has been a lot written recently about beetroot juice, the stuff is having its 15 minutes of fame and quite deservedly too. I first came across an article in the spring, it said that beetroot juice boosts stamina; a UK study led by a team at Exeter University had found quite startling results…  [continue reading] 


The Power of E: The Anti Aging Vitamins

Virtually everyone desires to look and feel young. That’s why you can never blame people who are ready to spend a fortune for cosmetic surgeries just appear several years younger than their age. But even though you can make yourself appear younger, you cannot deny the fact that aging is evident in your overall health…  [continue reading] 


The Acai Berry is full of antioxidants

A deep purple colored berry fruit looking a lot like a grape, Acai berries are normally found in the Brazillian rainforest, where they have been taken by the native peoples for generations owing to their special health and wellbeing properties. Once picked, Acai berries perish in less than a day so you could only get…  [continue reading] 

Cleansing the Body to Lose Weight

It is true that when a person cleanses the body and the digestive tract, they will lose several pounds. This is because the body retains waste and fluids. Over time, the body’s natural everyday functions begin to slow down and not function properly. Cleansing the body to lose weight will expel old waste and fluids…  [continue reading] 


Benefits and Warnings for the Honey Cayenne Pepper Cleanse

If you are a health freak, you might have come across the term Master Cleanse. This is a very popular detox cleansing method where the dieter uses a honey cayenne pepper cleanse in order to lose weight. Recently, some Hollywood starlets also banked on this method to regain their lost figure, slimming down just in…  [continue reading] 

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Due to recent changes to current tax laws, more and more taxes are being applied to cigarettes and tobacco.  Because of this, the cost of smoking is increasing each and every day and thus it’s been made very difficult for consumers to continue the horrible habit of smoking.  Tobacco causes more people to die each…  [continue reading] 


Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanses the Body Inside and Out

Apple cider vinegar is made by adding yeast to cider to cause fermentation, thus converting the natural sugars into alcohol. Generally sold unpasteurized, the amber-colored liquid usually comes with “mother of vinegar”, a natural by-product of acetic acid bacteria and cellulose that converts the alcohol into ethanoic acid to form vinegar with the help of…  [continue reading] 

Cleansing your body to enjoy a better health

If you desire to be healthier all over, a most beneficial idea is to select a cleanse your body fast. Presently, various elements can be bad and damaging to your health and wellness. Besides air pollution, junk food and pesticide residues have an impact on health. It isn’t unheard of for farmers to give their…  [continue reading] 


Detox from Mercury with Cilantro Oral Chelation

There are many people today who suffer from heavy metal toxicity. Toxic heavy metals like arsenic, lead, cadmium, aluminum and mercury are found in just about every part of modern life. PVC plastics, rat poison, deodorants, some cookware, paints, pipes, pesticides, fertilizers and gas emissions, to name but a few, all contain toxic heavy metals…  [continue reading] 


What Are The Most Effective Detox Kits?

Detoxifying has become very popular in the past few years, and it has also become something that people like to talk about amongst themselves. Even as private things as doing a colon detox is openly discussed and ideas are exchanged amongst friends. There are detoxifying kits that have been designed to help your body go…  [continue reading] 

Maca can Improve Physical Performance in Men

Maca is a root vegetable that is only found growing high up in the mountain ranges of the Peruvian Andes. This superfood has found stardom in the USA over the past 5 years or so in a supplement form of a ground down powder. The incredible nutritional profile of maca has helped a variety of…  [continue reading] 


Understanding Acne and Its Home Remedies

Many experts believe that because of the increased amount of pollution in the air acne is much more likely to develop in our era then in eras past. They explain that in order for our body to compensate with the increased amounts of pollution present in the environment our bodies, specifically our oil glands, secrete…  [continue reading] 


Heartburn Remedies That Really Work

Many people need relief from the gnawing and irritation that comes with indigestion. Heartburn remedies include natural substances, prescription medications and various body positions, for relief from the bothersome symptoms. Many people find relief with old fashioned treatments. For quick relief or sudden onset of symptoms on rare occasions, many people use commercial antacid tablets…  [continue reading] 


Start A Healthy Way Of Life To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is something that can mess up your beauty. Losing about one hundred strands of hair each day is considered normal. This is because old hairs are replaced with new ones. However, losing more than one hundred strands could mean a problem. This may well just be hereditary in which case some of the…  [continue reading] 


Are You In Need Of A Natural Remedy For Anxiety?

Since life does not always go as expected, practically everyone can appreciate a good natural remedy for anxiety once in a while.  Having anxious feelings is a normal part of life.  However, what if it is a bit more than that?  What if your anxiety is affecting your daily activities and your sleep schedule?  This…  [continue reading] 


Get the Best From Your Acai Juice

Acai juice truly is a natural wonder that is an excellent source of antioxidants and other nutrients. Studies have shown that acai juice contains more of the powerful heart healthy plant chemicals called anthocyanins than red wine. In fact, 10 times as much! So the hype about acai juice is not without some solid science….  [continue reading] 


What Are Goji Berries?

Goji berries can be found in the Himalayan area, which is why it is also called Himalayan goji berries. Many years ago goji berries where a popular fruit among the people who lived in the Himalayan area. They were well-known for their many nutritional values. Today, the goji berries benefits have been confirmed by nutritionists,…  [continue reading]