Benefits Of A Stationary Rower

The stationary rower has experienced a recent upsurge in popularity, after decades of stagnation, for several reasons. The first thing is that the stationary rower gives users a great cardiovascular workout. The heads up display will give you readouts on your heart and pulse rate to allow you to exercise to your limit but not…  [continue reading] 


Grab Your Bowflex TreadClimber TC3000

Do you want to achieve that sexy, shaped and strong body? The gym is the answer to your problems. You need to have a trainer and pay every session plus the enrolling thing and the machines you will be using that adds up to your payment. That would cost a lot. But technology offers you…  [continue reading] 

Pull up bars: a great upper body workout

If you or someone you know need an idea on getting a great upper body workout, try the pull up bars. Not only do you get to workout wherever you like but they are affordable too. For example, many stores do sell different exercise equipment but some do not carry pull up bars; it is…  [continue reading] 


Treadmills – Running For Your Life

With the health industry increasing greatly through the most recent years, staying in shape became quite popular. Portable treadmills are a great way to monitor and keep track of your performance. With digital options, you can literally know how much calories you burn and how far you ran. One of the great things about having…  [continue reading] 


The Best Cheap Dumbbells

Depending on your definition of cheap, dummbbells are not… Cheap dumbbells are definitely hard to come by. When looking at a traditional set the cheapest set I could find ran for around $650 for a completely standard, non neoprene set, weights from 5 to 50 lbs in 5 lb increments, without the stand. So if…  [continue reading] 


What Does A Mini Exercise Bike Cost?

The mini exercise bike can be purchased for as low as $18.95. This bike is designed to give people an opportunity to exercise in their office or in their home on a machine that is very small and compact. This exercise increases mobility in the joints and range of motion, helps builds strength and increases…  [continue reading] 


Getting Fit on a Budget with Cheap Gym Equipment

It is a commonly accepted fact that if you are going to get fit then it will cost you money.  And in these money saving times most people are wanting to spend less, not more.  So what options are there which will help you to get fit, stay fit, but not break the bank?  Well…  [continue reading] 


The benefits of Aero Pilates cardio exercise

We will have a look at the top 5 benefits of an Aero Pilates cardio workout. These benefits are all thanks to the cardio rebounder of the Aero Pilates machine. Use them to help you make the right purchase decision. Here they are: Improves cardiovascular fitness – The Aero Pilates machine will improve your cardiovascular…  [continue reading] 


Muscles Used With Chin Up Bar Exercises

By performing various exercises on a chin up bar, you can target a variety of muscles throughout your body. A standard chin up — accomplished by pulling yourself up from an initial hanging position and then lowering your body back down — primarily works the lats, also called the “latissimus dorsi.” In addition, a chin…  [continue reading] 


Trampolines for Better Health

Everyone knows that exercise is one of those essentials that we must do for our health. However, it just so happens that most people also complain that they despise going to the gym or other workout center. So, how can you get the benefit of the exercise without the hassle, annoyance or inconvenience of driving…  [continue reading] 


Key Things to Know Before Buying a Folding Treadmill

A folding treadmill comes in handy if you want to own a treadmill but have a small living space. But what are all the technicalities you need to look out for while choosing the appropriate one for you or your family? List out the things you want to consider: price, quality, stability and weight are…  [continue reading] 


Expresso Workout Bike Provides Exercise Entertainment

If you’re like me, then one of the most difficult things about exercise is that it can become a tad bit boring. Even walking with an MP3 player attached to my ear at all times has become a little routine and there are very few exercises which provide entertainment at the same time. Exercising on…  [continue reading] 


Tips for Choosing Ellipticals

Its easier than ever to get a great cardio-vascular workout in today’s environment. You can use your body by itself, for example by running and walking, and there are also tons of great tools to help you. There are many different varieties of bicycles, treadmills, and elliptical trainers. Ellipticals are the best choice for people…  [continue reading] 


Avoid Purchasing Lousy Cheap Treadmills

Treadmills are great for exercising. They allow you to run, jog, and walk in the privacy of your own home on a comfortable surface. If you’re thinking about getting a cheap treadmill to use at home you should be careful and do a little bit of research before you make any purchasing decisions. Just because…  [continue reading] 


Healthy Rebounding Exercises

We all want to take better care of ourselves. The truth is our bodies have become toxic. There is one fun and exciting way you can detoxify your body and that is by an exercise that is both effective in ridding the body of harmful toxins and cleansing the lymph nodes, and this is achieved…  [continue reading] 


The Importance of Knowing the Features of Elliptical Machines

There are numerous elliptical machines for sale and if you think that the easiest way to get the best one is by running to the store and buying whichever you find, you are gravely mistaken. These machines have various features and knowing them first could make a significant difference in changing your life. Remember, not…  [continue reading] 


Home Gym Equipment for Ladies

Women have many options when it comes to home fitness equipment. Home gym equipment for ladies is not necessarily a power rack or a weight bench. Some other fitness options you can use are: fitness balls, or adjustable dumbbells. Let’s start with the easiest exercises before we go to the most difficult ones. Fitness Balls…  [continue reading] 


The Three Types of Training Bikes

If you are up late at night watching tv, you are sure to see some infomercials promoting gimmicky exercise equipment. Home exercise equipment has become a billion dollar a year industry. Inventors sit around for hours trying to create the newest, coolest, and latest thing to get people motivated to pull out their credit card….  [continue reading] 


What Are Treadmills?

What are treadmills? Generally speaking, treadmills are man-made exercise machines used to help a person achieve a running or walking motion while staying put in one place. The word treadmill itself has its beginnings from the term mill, an apparatus operated by either a human being or an animal by using a treading motion or…  [continue reading] 


3 Tips For Buying An Elliptical Machine

Congratulations, you have decided to buy an elliptical trainer! You have taken the first step by buying a piece of home fitness equipment, and you are on your way to having one of the best pieces of exercise equipment available for a total body cardio workout.  But before you buy, make sure you follow these…  [continue reading]