Here Is How You Can Overcome Driving Anxiety

Here Is How You Can Overcome Driving Anxiety

Overwhelming anxiety and fear are the major causes of driving panic attacks. This is a condition that is prevalent among people who had rough childhoods, especially if they witnessed or were involved in road accidents, car crashes or near misses. Another common cause of driving panic attacks is stress, this often leads to depression and eventually mental illnesses if not treated in good time. The problem of anxiety driving is a real and serious one because so many people suffer from it, a majority of them barely knowing that it is serious and having no clue whether this problem can be treated. If you are suffering from panic attacks, you should know that it is possible to overcome your fears and lead a normal driving life.

There are a number of safe and effective ways to treat panic attacks. What is important is to acknowledge the problem and believe that it is a manifestation of negative thoughts and imaginations that can be easily controlled. The key in the treatment in this case is to stop negative messages in the brain that makes you believe what might happen if you drive, in most cases leading to a cycle of fears that escalate to become full blown attacks. Know the feelings you get before the fears set in, focus on other things other than driving and try as much as possible to keep negatives thoughts off your head.

Control your breathing during driving, stay relaxed and at ease to minimize the chances of experiencing an attack. The issue of being afraid of driving a car is mental but when it finds ground in your head, it becomes so realistic that your body switches to fight or flight mode, and at this stage you will not be able to control yourself physically and emotionally. Calm yourself, be easy and avoid dependence on anti-anxiety and anti-depression pills.

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