Heartburn Remedies That Really Work

Heartburn Remedies That Really Work

Many people need relief from the gnawing and irritation that comes with indigestion. Heartburn remedies include natural substances, prescription medications and various body positions, for relief from the bothersome symptoms. Many people find relief with old fashioned treatments.

For quick relief or sudden onset of symptoms on rare occasions, many people use commercial antacid tablets like Roll-aids or Tums. While they are not meant for long term use, they can be quite effective in a pinch, or for the rare occasions when celebrations lead to consumption of meals that are heavier than usual or more acidic.

Some people have ongoing symptoms, due to reflux or a Hiatal Hernia, in which a portion of the stomach muscle does not stay below the esophagus. In such cases, prescription antacids may be used for a shorter or longer period of time. Sometimes surgery is required to tighten the muscle at the bottom of the esophagus.

Some old fashioned solutions include drinking warm milk or using baking soda in warm water. Warm milk is great for those who can tolerate dairy products. It can also be very soothing, to help get to sleep. The alkaline substance can help neutralize excessive acid. Baking soda in water works the same way. This substance is also very alkaline, to help neutralize acid.

These free heartburn remedies are useful for those occasions when immediate relief is needed and other products have not been prescribed. Another helpful treatment is to elevate the head of the bed up to 15 degrees. This is a great option for those who suffer from night time symptoms. It relies on gravity to make sure any undigested food moves through the proper channels without going back in the opposite direction.

Some people also find relief from sucking on peppermint candy or drinking peppermint tea. For additional ideas, you can consult a guide for natural cures or herbal treatments.

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