Heart Rate Monitor Watches Equal Fitness Results

If your workout routine consists of walking on a treadmill, cycling on a stationary bike, or gliding on an elliptical trainer while catching up on your latest reading then getting fit is definitely not your goal. I know this because training for an event or working on a goal to lose weight does require at least some of your attention.  This is a fact you cannot escape.  Yes, any movement is better than sitting in front of the television or computer most of the day but this truly is a case of what you give is what you get.

To get the most out of your routine, you will need to focus on your intensity level. You do not need to maintain the same intensity level throughout the entire workout but high intensity or a mixed intensity (interval training) is shown to burn the most calories and give your body a true workout.  At the end you will feel that “runner’s high” even if you weren’t running. One of the best ways to know if you are achieving the intensity needed to meet your specific fitness goals is to use a heart rate monitor watch.

This device works by using an elastic chest strap that transmits heart EKG to the wrist watch. The chest strap is placed around your breastbone to monitor the beat of your heart. Many models on the market today provide onscreen feedback that caters to both the seasoned athlete who wants to take it to the next level as well as the first time fitness walker who is trying to shed those pesky 20 pounds.

A heart rate monitor watch is an interactive tool that allows you to focus on your goal for a specific workout session.  Almost like a mini personal trainer without the ongoing expense, you can adjust them to meet your needs as your fitness level changes for the better. Be sure to read beyond the Quick Start guide of any monitor watch you buy because the really cool features are usually in the details.

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