Heart Attack Recovery- Essential Steps

Surviving a heart attack is a miracle in and of itself.  However, it’s a long road still to come after a heart attack. Recovery is not easy and your lifestyle will be permanently changed.  This article is meant to give you a sort of heart attack recovery road map as to what to expect after surviving.

Hospital time is much shorter now than it was several years ago.  In most cases nowadays, heart attack recovery time inside the hospital is only 5-7 days, and then you are released to go home, provided you remain free of complications during that time.

Because of advances in heart medications, in many cases a heart attack survivor tends to be much healthier AFTER a heart attack than they ever were before!  Also, due to advances in medical procedures, recovery can be excellent in outcome.  Many patients can regain a very near to normal lifestyle.

Usually, after discharge, recovery steps will include visits to your doctor, and new medications that you will now be required to take.  In many cases dietary changes are necessary to help aide in heart attack recovery and regain optimum health. A supplement such as fish oil or vitamin E may be suggested as there are many fish oil benefits for the heart.

Mild exercise is encouraged within one to three weeks, and if your heart is to function properly, you can usually return to regular activity within six weeks.  You can also resume sexual activities when you feel you are ready.

One thing that is common with a heart attack survivor, is feelings of depression or helplessness.  It is difficult to be faced with your own mortality, and in many patients going through recovery, this is a natural process.  Try talking with family or friends, or a professional, and keep a journal to write down your feelings in.  It is a process you will need to work through, just give it time.

Heart attack recovery is not an easy road, and you must try and be patient so that you don’t over do and suffer from a relapse.  Be patient and you may find yourself feeling better than you’ve ever felt in your life if you take the proper steps to better health.

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