Healthiest Way To Fast Weight Loss

Healthiest Way To Fast Weight Loss

Being human, when we want something we usually want it now. Weight loss is not something that comes easily to most people, but it can be much faster in many cases without having to compromise your health. The healthiest way to fast weight loss does not involve starving or even going hungry for that matter.

Protein can be the answer to all of your problems and in many cases people tend to avoid it thinking that it is detrimental to their health. Muscles in the body need protein to develop and grow properly. When the muscle mass is improved through daily exercise, the metabolism will naturally increase.

This sounds relatively simple and it actually is. A high protein diet with lower intake of complex carbohydrates combined with daily exercise and a faithful regimen of water intake will quickly take off pounds. Water intake of at least eight glasses per day is crucial when consuming larger amounts of protein to avoid a buildup of ketones (fatty acids in blood).

While ketones are not harmful, elimination of this excess fat is much healthier. The water is important to stay hydrated and keep the body from retaining additional fluid as well. There is no reason to avoid red meat unless you just have an aversion to it; choose pieces with less fat content.

Take in at least thirty-five to forty good carbohydrates per day to stay healthy. These should be consumed in the form of a high fiber, fruit or vegetable. Remember also that aged cheese is an excellent source of protein and can make a great meal on the go combined with a piece of fruit. Never substitute processed cheese; it does not have the same protein value and has a higher calorie value.

Try to eat at least four smaller meals per day and eliminate eating anything after the dinner hour. If you find that you just cannot go to bed without something or happen to be craving sugar badly during early weeks, then give in to the temptation by saving your fruit for that time of day. Any type of exercise will do as long as you are willing to stick with it daily so that muscle can be built in conjunction with the protein you are consuming.

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