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Red wine and resveratrol supplement myths

Resveratrol Health Benefits: The Red Wine Myth

Resveratrol has been called the “Fountain of Youth” that fights cancer, slows aging, boosts mental health and helps with weight loss. It’s all true, but only in mice and rats.  [continue reading] 

Health Benefits of Red Wine and Alcohol

Health Benefits of Red Wine and Alcohol

Red wine, white wine, beer and liquor share most of the same health benefits. Studies show that moderate drinking will lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes while boosting your brain power in later life.  [continue reading] 

Top 2012 Fitness Apps

Best Fitness Apps of 2012

Sweat it out to the most popular and promising technology of the year. We’re only 2 months into the New Year and already gym numbers are dwindling, yoga classes have ample mat space, and spin classes are feeling the absence of too many cyclists. No more excuses—you can’t be too busy, too tired, or just…  [continue reading] 


Exercise is Critical when Dieting to Tighten Sagging Skin

With today’s generation, most people are very concerned about their physical appearance and health – which is great.  Why?  It is because they believe that having a great physical body will lead them to success, fame, romance and a longer life.  The most effective way to gain a great body is by exercising and dieting. …  [continue reading] 

Top of the Range Juicing Appliances

There are a wide range of juicers on the market today. If you want the best then perhaps you will buy a Green Star GS-1000 juicer. They are not cheap but have a host of different features that make it an attractive machine to own. This model is the cheapest Green Star juicer but that…  [continue reading] 

Five Tips For Avoiding Chlorine In Daily Life

Chlorine is all around us. It is a natural chemical that has long been used as a bacteria-killing disinfectant. It does its job quite well–but at what cost? An increasing body of research published in scientific journals and other publications are pointing to the risks posed by the absorption of chlorine either through the skin…  [continue reading] 


The Smart Way to Health

It was my third trip to the doctor’s office in a month. I had a host of minor complaints (they didn’t feel minor to me) and was starting to worry something serious was wrong. I was even anxious about my marriage. My doctor – who happens to be my best friend – sat and listened…  [continue reading] 

Benefits Of Martial Arts Fitness Training

Have you managed to get your self a little bit out of shape lately? Let us face it; have not all of us gotten a little bit soft? If you are tired of being tired, then welcome to the wake up club. What you need is some exercise. For the serious business, consider martial arts…  [continue reading] 


Imagine Life in the Fitness World

Once the decision is made to exercise, the next plan is usually about whether or not to join a gym. Most people do find that a gym membership is the best way to keep fitness goals on track. Life in the Fitness World can be very satisfying to participants. It really can be fun to…  [continue reading]