Harm or Armor on foods that lower Blood Pressure

Life always has two sides, positive or negative, black or white, sweet or bitter, love or hate, life or death. It provides options or choices, but it doesn’t give consequences. We must live on the results whether it will make us happy or sad, is really up to what we have willingly decided. We have the orientation of our every deed. We know what will be the outcome or impact of it in our lives and how long it would affect us. Time is one of the factors involved in our choices. The influences from our peers contribute greatly in our options in life; our family at most, is our weakest influence. Our peers also influence our daily routine of activities like shopping, entertainment, clothes, gadgets, and especially food. I would like to focus on foods because it is part of the basic needs of life.

The foods that we choose to eat are determinants of if we are living a healthy lifestyle or just being extravagant or flamboyant for our peers. Admit it or not, we choose food that is pleasing and costly especially if we are with our friends on a Saturday night out or gimmick. It is natural for us to have apprehension on foods that lower blood pressure than to be laughed or scorned by our peers for not being “in” with them. People generally are not really independent when it comes to choices. It is very evident on simple things that we do. We ask someone if the clothes that we are going to wear are good looking. We view their opinion as valuable as what we want or what we are comfortable in doing.

Other people’s opinions are inevitable when it comes to major decision in our life, especially our health. Yet, it doesn’t mean that they will decide for us, nor we don’t want their opinions to be our choice as well. We consider their views, and weigh them to a specific period of time. We should not be impulsive even the time is at hand or if we are being pressured. Health related problems in our day are mostly caused through socialization with friends. We do things that affect our health or should I say, we eat foods that are unhealthy just to please our friends. We exchange momentary pleasure to a longer risk of health problems. Foods that lower blood pressure are not appropriate type of foods in a gimmick night out with our peers.

We can go with them armed with an armor that will protects us from any health risk than to harm our health with alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and sizzling pork dishes on our table. These are the common gimmick foods that cause obesity and heart attack. Choose if you want to harm yourself or armor yourself on foods that lower blood pressure. But let’s not forget the results will be long-term or it would mean shorter life.

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