Hybrid Golf Clubs – Woods and Irons in One

There are two primary sorts of golf clubs, namely woods and irons. Woods are generally used for long range shots off the tee or on the fairway. Irons, such as Talyormade r7 irons, exhibit more versatility than woods and are useful for various sorts of shots. Putters could be considered another category of club, albeit…  [continue reading] 


An Overview of Hybrid Golf Clubs and Their Features

More and more of the world’s top golfers are turning to hybrid golf clubs. Most of the golf club companies are now producing them. Essentially, “hybrid” means a combination of wood and iron designs. These clubs are designed to launch the ball far into the air from long distances. Initially, amateur golfers had some difficulties…  [continue reading] 


Can You Improve Your Golf Game With A Men’s Girdle?

It might be funny to say that a mens girdle can help improve your golf game, but when you think about the mechanics of a golf swing and the stress it places on the back, the idea is not so impossible to believe after all. Furthermore, a whopping 60-80% of people have faced some form…  [continue reading]