Four Key Wheelchair Accessories

Four Key Wheelchair Accessories

One of the best innovations towards helping physically disabled people to lead a normal life is a wheel chair. It enables those that are less able to enjoy the pleasures of day to day life as normal people. Wheel chairs are available in a wide range of choices these days. Most manual wheelchairs are now being replaced with electronic ones with advancements in technology (like cool wheelchair cup holders attached to the armrests). Also wheel chairs which are specifically designed to help the physically challenged play sports are now available as opposed to the past when wheelchairs were only made for mobility. Also these days wheel chairs are fitted with several accessories that make them not only more comfortable but also suited for various day to day chores. Here is a list of some the popular accessories for a wheel chair today:

Wheelchair Lights

Wheel chair lights are an indispensable attachment to wheelchairs today. They are attached to the seat of the wheel chair using a clip which can rotate to provide a higher degree of visibility. Some multifunctional lights also have a micro light to light up the path you are travelling upon. Also better visibility can be achieved by using multicolored lights that are also available today. Before you go ahead and buy the lights make sure of two things- Firstly they should come with replacement batteries which can be easily replaced. Secondly, the clip should have a 360 degree angle of rotation enabling for high visibility.

Wheelchair Gloves

Wheel chair gloves are not same as the ordinary gloves found in market and specially designed for wheelchair users. They are designed to have a leather hold on the hand and are made of flexible neoprene. Some of them are designed to ease the problems of people with limited hand movement as well. The main difference is that these gloves open up more widely and allow the wearer to wear them easily. The most important requirements for wheelchair gloves are that they should be soft, lithe and should open up at the knuckle-joints to thwart reduced handle movement.

Wheel Covers

Wheel covers are also a popular wheelchair accessory (like the cup holder). Usually they come in all shapes and universally fit all wheels. In addition to being easy to fit, wheel chair covers also provide the added advantage that they prevent slipping as they are made of a special fabric. You can choose between models that cover only the wheel and those that cover both the tire and the handle of the wheel chair. By choosing the latter you can ensure that both the tires of your chair and your hands stay clean.

Spoke Protectors

The spoke protectors are more like hand protectors designed to keep your hands out of harm’s way. They are made of a lightweight alloy to reduce weight and are used to cover the rear wheels of your wheel chair. Apart from being useful to protect your hands they can add to the looks of your chair if chosen wisely.

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    Another great accessory for power wheelchairs is a seat cushion. There are several different types that support the bottom and lower back. It is important to keep the back supported while sitting.

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