Five Reasons to Go Organic

Five Reasons to Go Organic

Organic food is one of today’s biggest buzzwords. But to those who know the benefits of organic eating, it’s far more than a trendy word. Eating organic is becoming a way of life for many people. But, why should you consider going organic? Here are five reasons:

It’s healthier

Commercially produced foods are treated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals taint our foods with toxins that can, over time, lead to serious illnesses. Some of the most common pesticides and fertilizers have been linked to cancer and other diseases. 60% of all herbicides, 90% of fungicides, and 30% of insecticides are considered carcinogenic by the Environmental Protection Agency of the U.S. government. Non-organic farm workers have unusually high rates of multiple myeloma (a cancer of the immune system), stomach, prostate and testicular cancer.
Commercially produced meats, unlike organic meats, are fed diets that are outside of their natural diet, and are fed with anti-biotics, which end up in our food. Much research has shown that an over exposure to anti-biotics makes us resistant to them when we do need them.

It’s environmentally friendly

Those pesticides and chemicals that are in commercially produced foods are also bad for the environment. The chemicals wind up in our drinking water and deplete the land of nutrients. In addition, buying organic foods typically means buying fruits and vegetables that have been grown close to home. This is also good for the environment because it reduces the amount of fuel used to get food from the garden to the table.

It supports your local economy

Eating locally is also great for your local economy because you’re supporting the farmers in your area. Buying locally helps protect family farms, which have been part of America’s economic culture for centuries. Without families who will buy locally grown produce and meat at farmer’s markets, these family farms simply can’t compete with big commercial agriculture.

It tastes better

Organically grown fruits and vegetables may not be as big or as pretty as those commercially produced, but they sure taste better. This is, in part, because you’re eating locally, so the food is fresher. But, it’s also because no chemical fertilizers, which make the foods grow large but lack taste, are used. In addition, food that has to be transported a long distance must be picked before it’s really ripe, so it has not had time to truly develop the flavors of the food.

It is more nutritionally sound

A study done by the Journal of American Nutrition revealed that organic food contains from 10-250% more vitamins and minerals than non-organic food. In 2001 the American Chemical Society reported that organic oranges contained up to 30% more vitamin C than non-organic oranges, even though they are half the size.

So, there you have it. Five great reasons to go organic. Your body will feel better and look better. You’ll likely live longer, you’ll support your local farmers and you’ll have a planet that can support that long life of yours (and your children’s). What more evidence do you need?

Phyll Zerkle writes about getting a masters in public health.

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