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Top 2012 Fitness Apps

Best Fitness Apps of 2012

Sweat it out to the most popular and promising technology of the year. We’re only 2 months into the New Year and already gym numbers are dwindling, yoga classes have ample mat space, and spin classes are feeling the absence of too many cyclists. No more excuses—you can’t be too busy, too tired, or just…  [continue reading] 


How The Emergence of GPS Watches Changed The Running World

GPS watches are sports watches that have the marvels of GPS technology built into them, enabling them to accurately track speed, distance and sometimes elevation above sea level. There are many ways that speed and distance can offer an athlete significant benefits in terms of tracking and analyzing their performances. With the power of speed…  [continue reading] 


How HRM Watches Can Help You Lose Weight

Keeping fit and trying to lose weight is one of the toughest challenges that people face. The many people that take on this challenge will either fail at the first hurdle or they will soon give up somewhere down the line. It is no wonder why the weight loss diet industry is so successful and…  [continue reading] 


How to Find the Best Body Fat Weight Scales

It is in inevitable for every health conscious individual to do the best he can to monitor his progress on a daily basis. If you are a person who strives to uphold a balance in your everyday life, perhaps you have already maintained an active lifestyle. When you are in this stage of your life,…  [continue reading] 


The classic swimwear for women is the red swimsuit

One of the many great ways to spend some quality time with our family and friends it to indulge ourselves in the beautiful beach scenery. The serenity and peacefulness of the beach can do wonders in our relaxation and enjoyment. Plus, there are a number of beach activities that we can do with them. Swimming…  [continue reading] 


Try A Heart Rate Monitor Watch For Better Fitness

Trying to stay in shape? It’s a constant battle for many people. Everyone’s looking for magic videos or exercise equipment, that will help them lose weight and keep it off. In addition to losing weight though, your focus should also be on getting fit. They aren’t the same thing. Getting your heart rate going to…  [continue reading] 


Considerations When Purchasing Knee Braces

Whether one has sustained an injury while playing sports or simply suffer from knee problems due to other factors a brace may be able to help. Like with other similar items, this product can provide many different functions to the individual. This type of item may be used to help prevent injury or strain, provide…  [continue reading] 

Getting The Right Fit In Your Triathlon Swim Suit

If you think the swimming portion of the triathlon is at least a part of the race where you’re safe from chafing, then you’ve probably never tried to swim in open water with an ill-fitting wetsuit. The running and cycling portions are prime areas for chafing and to have problems like blisters on your heels,…  [continue reading] 

The Importance Of Using Safe Water Bottles

The importance for using safe water bottles cannot be stressed enough, but unfortunately many are not. There are degrees to the level of safety and we cannot rule out even the minor poisoning levels which occur over a long period, when babies are involved. This is a serious matter and as time goes by, people…  [continue reading] 

All About Ice axes

An ice axe is a versatile tool used by mountaineers during the ascent and descent of frozen mountains. Ice axes have many different usages and can be employed in various manners. How an ice axe is used depends on the terrain and surface the mountaineer is embarking on. The general usage of an ice pick…  [continue reading] 

Heart Rate Monitor Watches Equal Fitness Results

If your workout routine consists of walking on a treadmill, cycling on a stationary bike, or gliding on an elliptical trainer while catching up on your latest reading then getting fit is definitely not your goal. I know this because training for an event or working on a goal to lose weight does require at…  [continue reading] 


Shoulder Support to Cry On

Our shoulders have always been there to support other people from their miseries. But the time has come for these shoulders to have a support of their own especially for athletes and adventures individuals who are driven by adrenaline rush. And because of that the shoulder support has been made known to athletes and sportsperson…  [continue reading] 


Choosing Your Brooks Running Shoe Based on Your Foot Type

Whether you run for fun or competitions, you need to wear the right shoes intended for running. However, there are several Brooks running shoes sold in the market. Each of them has different designs, colors and purposes that might overwhelm a regular and uninformed buyer. Among the immense variety of running shoes available, how would…  [continue reading] 


Have a Safe Workout

You might be thinking that workout is as easy as going to the fitness gym. Then, think again. I know that you want to have a healthy and fabulous body but rushing in and do some workout entails some risk if you will not take extra precaution. Therefore, you need to be informed with the…  [continue reading] 


What Type of Training do you need to be Healthy?

In essence, there are two types of training, aerobic and anaerobic. To be healthy and feel good in your shoes you need to incorporate a little bit of both. Basically the most common form of anaerobic training is weight training done in the gym or at your home. In spite of what many people think…  [continue reading] 


So many good reasons to wear thermal underwear – sports,work and play

Nobody likes being cold, but for many of us there is no other way. If you work outdoors or maybe even indoors in a warehouse, or play an extreme sport, then you are at the mercy of the weather a lot of the time. You probably know how important it is to dress warm to…  [continue reading] 


Why Buy Triathlon Shorts?

If you’re training for one of the toughest things you’ll ever do, don’t you think you should get the gear that will make it a little bit easier? If you make sure you get the right shorts, the only thing you need to worry about once you hit that starting line is giving it your…  [continue reading] 


Monitoring Your Fitness Goals with a Polar F11

When you are enjoying the outdoors, it is important to have the proper equipment to monitor your heart rate and keep track of your workouts.  Whether you are hiking an untamed mountain or biking through man made trails, Polar F11 watches help you listen to your body while improving your fitness level, all while having…  [continue reading] 


Why Is It Important To Wear Running Spikes?

If you are serious about athletics and competitive running races, you have probably heard of running spikes. Unless you are experienced and have already raced in them, you might not understand the importance of using a pair of these spiked running shoes. They are basically designed to offer you the best grip possible when running…  [continue reading] 


Choosing The Right Running Shoes

Running is not as easy a sport as some people think. Runners get their leg joints worked hard, as well as their feet. That is why good running shoes should provide care for the feet and the joints instead of hurting them. Read on to find out how to select a pair of running shoes…  [continue reading]