Finally a Comfortable Massage for Women

The days are long gone when only men were concerned with the costly effects of stress. Women haven’t caught up in terms of salary equity or fairness when it comes to hiring practices or promotions. That glass ceiling may be cracking but it’s certainly still in place. Unfortunately, however, when it comes to stress, there seems to be full equality.

After watching men succumb to earlier deaths due to the pressures of work and all the other demands that fight for attention, women soon realized that it was important to find ways to prevent the same thing happening to them. One of the most effect means of releasing stress and tension has always been massage, and many women have turned to the various massage techniques available today.

Once again, however, women found that they were forced to adjust to an environment designed for men. Laying face down on a massage table is very uncomfortable for the majority of women. The surface has to be firm for the massage therapist to be able to apply the pressure necessary to manipulate the muscles and tissues that have become knotted and tight. Especially for women with larger breasts, this can create discomfort and even a level of soreness that lasts for days.

The good news is that there has been a breakthrough in massage table design. Created by a woman who had suffered through painful massages in the past, the new technology is called the ABC Massage Table. ABC stands for adjustable breast comfort and the table has an adjustable pad in the breast area that can be lowered during a session by the massage therapist using a powerful foot pump.

This revolutionary new table is designed so that it fits all body types and, at the same time, provides superior support. Thanks to the ABC system, at least in the arena of massage, the playing field has now been leveled, and women can get all the same stress-reducing benefits as men.

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