Exercises for Jumping Higher

Exercises for Jumping Higher

Are you an athlete who plays basketball, football, or volleyball? Are you looking for ways to increase the height of your vertical jump? This article shows you how to jump higher by describing some tips and pointers on strengthening your legs, especially the fast-twitch muscle fibers that can add height to your vertical jump.

According to Kualani Kapuna at One Great Earth, every workout should begin by warming up your leg muscles and doing a little bit of stretching. You will also need to stretch more at the end of the workout. Since you are working on the muscle fibers that are heavily stressed by explosive activities such as jumping, stretching is extremely important in order to avoid injury.

Jumping rope is one of the best exercises to improve your cardiovascular conditioning. It is an important component of your overall results, so rope jumping should not be neglected. You should also incorporate sprints as part of your routine. Sprinting builds muscle mass, which improves your ability to jump.

You can also run upstairs on your toes. At the beginning run up just one flight, taking one step at a time. Then walk back down and run up again, taking two steps at a time. You should increase your repetitions as you begin to gain strength. Other good exercises include explosive jumps, double jumps, and elevated jumps.

You will need to rest your leg muscles at least two days per week. The gains in muscle mass happen during the recovery period, not during the exercise itself. You will see the best results from sustaining your exercise program over a long period of time, including sufficient rest periods. Even though you might be impatient for results, you cannot add much height to your vertical jump with only two or three weeks of aggressive training.

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