4 Simple Changes You Can Make To Your Diet To Lose Weight

Trying to work out how to lose weight and to stay slim is on the minds of so many people.  Often people are looking for a magic answer but really, it just comes down to making some simple changes to your lifestyle.  Here are four tips to look at:- Cheese – Cheese can be very…  [continue reading] 


5 Surprising (and Effective) Weight Loss Tips

Everyone seems to have their own tips for losing weight. But do they work? Are they realistic? We’ve got tips, too. And ours work. Here are 5 easy AND effective tips to help you shed some pounds.  [continue reading] 


Lean and Green Recipes Speed Up Weight Loss

When you are on the five in one Medifast plan, you are allowed one cooked meal per day or twenty-four hour period. You are thinking that is better be pretty darned good if that is the only hot home cooked meal you get during your diet program. Fortunately, there are Medifast recipes that are over…  [continue reading] 


A Great Fat Burning Foods List

Get ready for summer with the help of these fat burning foods! It’s that time of year again when almost everyone will be trying to find diets for quick weight loss in order to get ready for the bikini season. Exercise is of course one of the best ways to accomplish that, but exercise alone…  [continue reading] 


Get Immediate Relief for Heartburn

Heartburn, many of us know how painful heartburn symptoms can be. The burning sensation in your chest, acid reflux leaving a sour taste in your mouth and overall discomfort. So how can you get immediate heartburn relief? Natural remedies that can be made at home are usually the best solution because it won’t cause any…  [continue reading] 


Fish oil history and benefits

For centuries, fishing communities all over the world have used fish oil for various purposes. In 16th century England, it was very commonly used by fishermen to treat a plethora of health issues as varied as wounds, body-aches, common colds and even skin diseases. The current upsurge in its popularity is thanks to an early…  [continue reading] 


Weight loss tip: eat early and often

Studies have shown that one of the most successful weight loss tips is to consume several healthy small meals per day as opposed to going longer between meals. Six meals or three meals and two to three snacks are recommended. When going too long between meals the body tends to go into “starvation” mode and…  [continue reading] 


Five Reasons to Go Organic

Organic food is one of today’s biggest buzzwords. But to those who know the benefits of organic eating, it’s far more than a trendy word. Eating organic is becoming a way of life for many people. But, why should you consider going organic? Here are five reasons: It’s healthier Commercially produced foods are treated with…  [continue reading]