Eating more Rice for Health

When we compare countries to see who has the longest life expectancy we see that Japan is at the top of the table. Of course there are a range of different factors that come into play including social, economic and diet. It would be folly to suggest that it is just the Japanese diet that accounts for their long average life span but at the same time it would be crazy to ignore it. Most people have heard that the traditional Japanese diet is a healthy one. Typically this would include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, plenty of fish and rice.

We can choose to eat more fruit and vegetables easily. In fact many Americans already consume quite a lot. Of course there are many others that do not! Also eating more fish is easy enough. What may seem the simplest of Japanese foods, rice, is often harder for people in the U.S. and Canada to consume. Not because they cannot buy rice. Rather because it is hard to cook it.

However all that is changing. If you get a rice cooker you are able to make great tasting rice from home. There are a wide range of different brands available from genuine Japanese rice cookers made by Zojirushi, Sanyo and so on, through to cheap rice cookers made by companies like, Aroma, Oster and Panasonic. Panasonic are actually a Japanese firm so it is possible to get a low price Japanese rice cooker.

These machines make it easy to make great tasting rice from the comfort of your own kitchen. So why not start to improve your diet. Eating more fruit and vegetables is a great start. Also fish has plenty of “good fats” for our bodies. And with rice cookers it is now easy to enjoy rice that tastes good.

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