Does Eating Less Really Make You Lose Weight?

Does Eating Less Really Make You Lose Weight?

Many people who are looking to reduce their weight find themselves asking, “If I eat less will I really lose some noticeable weight?” Well, at least to a certain extent, the answer to this is, “Yes!” But on the flip side, it can also surprise many people that in some cases it may actually not make much of a difference. That’s why some people lose some weight — or even a lot of weight — with diets like Nutrisystem and others don’t. Read on and let’s take a look to see how this can happen.

When you use a calorie controlled diet as your sole means of weight loss, it can work well for you in the initial stages, and especially if you are very much overweight. In this case, you’ll often find that just by eating smaller meals, you will naturally lose weight. That is due to the restricted level of calories that you consume, which triggers you body to start using some of its store of fat. But if you lead a sedentary lifestyle you will soon come to a stage where your body is no longer burning more calories than you are consuming, and despite the smaller meals your weight will not continue to drop.

A similar thing can happen if you are only a little overweight but you also lead a sedentary lifestyle. You can restrict your calorie intake by eating smaller meals but still not seem to be losing any weight. You may ask, “Why is this?” The answer is, of course, that because your body is not doing any work in the form of physical exercise, you are not burning sufficient calories to make weight loss happen.

When people go on diets to lose weight but don’t do any exercise to improve their metabolism and their capability to burn more calories, then the diets often work in the initial stages. But as time goes by, the body finds its own balance and will not burn any more calories until you start exercising. You need this exercise to force your body into using more energy which needs to be fueled by stored reserves of body fat.

So the answer to the problem is to combine both diet and exercise to give you better results that last a lot longer. Your body not only gets fitter and stronger through exercise, it looks better as the exercised muscles tone up and improve your overall shape, too! After all, that’s exactly what you are aiming for by losing weight!

So, do cut your calorie intake, but be sure that you also start to get some real exercise. You’ll notice much better results!

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  1. Editor says:

    Dealista, you should really avoid ready made meals. They tend to be high in sugar and high in salt, with very little nutritional value. In general, you should avoid highly processed foods (like ready-made meals), and try to eat as many whole foods as possible.

  2. Dealista says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of walking lately and I’ve been gaining weight a lot since my work involves just sitting the whole day. Do you think think ready made meals are healthy?

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