Covering Up Your Acne The Right Way

Covering Up Your Acne The Right Way

One of the reasons why a lot people despise family reunions is the fact that the amount of criticism received from your relatives is directly proportional to the amount of time you spend with them. The longer you spend time with them, the higher the chances of your aunts and uncles scrutinizing each and every part of your body.

This situation can be especially worse for those who have acne prone skin. Oftentimes, if your skin is prone to acne, you will receive several, ‘what have you been doings’ and ‘have you seen a dermatologist already’; and sometimes, those comments, though borne out of love and concern, can just be irritating.

To avoid these kinds of situations, we often resort to smearing loads of concealer and foundation over our faces in an attempt to cover up our acne. Though these may work during the reunion, caking on foundation and concealer on your acne can worsen your condition. Concealers and foundation have a lot of oils, chemicals and other synthetic materials that can clog your pores and worsen your acne. Popular brands like CoverGirl, Maybelline and other brands are effective in covering up your acne however they have ingredients that can worsen your condition and induce more acne breakouts than you can imagine.

The key in solving this problem is finding the right makeup for your acne problems. Nowadays, there are mineral makeup products in the market that will help you cover up your problems and at the same time help in reducing your acne. Not only are mineral makeup products hypoallergenic but they are also effective in eliminating the bacteria that can cause cystic acne.

Mineral makeup is often referred to by dermatologists as ‘skin care makeup’. This is because it is so gentle to the skin that you can even wear it to sleep. The minerals found in the makeup are so fine that they will not clog the pores; instead it lays on the skin and prevents the bacteria on the skin from getting moisture and developing into acne. Mineral makeup is so fine that it allows the skin to breathe while keeping away the moisture. Revlon New Complexion mineral makeup and Revlon Colorstay Foundation are two types to check out.

To main ingredients of mineral makeup are Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. These two ingredients are the two most common ingredients found in cosmetic products. They are the earth’s natural sun block. Mineral makeup often comes in powder form and, because of its fineness, it can be applied on the skin with ease. Its lightweight characteristics make it perfect for hypersensitive skin.

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