Chia seeds and why a balanced diet is best when losing weight

Chia seeds and why a balanced diet is best when losing weight

It is now widely known among nutritionists and dietitians that the chia seeds provide the body with numerous nutrient content required by the body. Whether you use the whole or ground seeds in your daily diet, they have the following benefits:

1.    They have more omega 3s than salmon, necessary for keeping the heart healthy and avoiding cardiovascular diseases.

2.    They have more dietary fiber than flax seeds, vital for proper functioning of the digestive system in removing wastes and toxins.

3.    They have more selenium than flax as well, which plays a role in the production of an enzyme needed in the proper functioning of the immune system.

4.    They have more calcium than whole milk, which aids in the functioning of various enzymes in the body.

5.    They have more iron than spinach, for the formation of hemoglobin as well as the proper brain development and function.

6.    They have more potassium than bananas, for the rapid elimination of wastes.

7.    They have more antioxidants than activated blueberries, needed in keeping the body away from free radicals that damage tissues and cells.

Looking at the summary above, the chia should definitely be included in your diet if you decide to lose some weight. Most doctors would suggest that if your main concern is losing some weight an d not having any serious medical condition, you should a well-balanced diet over the other more known diets assumed to be giving quick results such as a high-protein, low-fat diet. Providing our bodies the appropriate amount of all the nutrients rather than getting high on one and low on the other may be detrimental to health. It takes a good knowledge on the scientific make-up of our bodies, their requirements, their functions, and how those functions are maintained or improved in order to have the most effective diet plan. A well-balanced diet program gives you the opportunity to be smart in your food choices and the motivation to keep that lifestyle for you to keep up with positive weight loss results.

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