How Many Calories in Guacamole Dip?

About 50 heart-healthy calories in each guacamole scoop

You’ll get about 50 calories in each golf-ball sized scoop of guacamole. It’s tasty and good for your heart. But watch your portion size, since even healthy can calories make you fat.

Guacamole is both tasty and healthy. You’ll get 50 calories in one golf-ball-sized scoop.

But while there’s a lot of fat and calories in guacamole, it’s very good for your heart health. So eat up, but watch your portion size!

The chart below shows the calories in guacamole for several types and sizes of this yummy avocado-based dip.

Guacamole Calories
Guacamole Type &
Total Fat
Total Carbs
Dietary Fiber
References and Sources
1/2 Cup Guacamole
Homemade Guacamole (onions & tomatoes) 189 118 17 9 5.7 0 2.3
Costco (Avotech) Guacamole 180 123 18 8 4 0 3
Wholly Guacamole (organic) 240 124 20 12 8 0 4
Wholly Guacamole (spicy) 200 122 20 12 8 0 4
Wholly Guacamole (classic) 240 113 20 12 8 0 4
1 Ounce Guacamole (about a golf ball sized scoop)
Homemade Guacamole (onions & tomatoes) 45 28 4 2 1.4 0 0.5
Costco (Avotech) Guacamole 45 31 4.5 2 1 0 1
Wholly Guacamole (organic) 60 31 5 3 2 0 1
Wholly Guacamole (spicy) 50 31 5 3 2 0 1
Wholly Guacamole (classic) 60 28 5 3 2 0 1

Heart-Healthy Fat and Calories in Guacamole

You’ll see from the chart that guacamole is high in calories. And most of these calories come from fat.

Normally, we’d recommend avoiding high-calorie and high-fat foods. But in this case, the fat is from avocados and it’s monounsaturated fat. That’s the super healthy, good for your heart kind of fat.

Indulging in some guacamole is a very healthy choice. Just watch your portion size and don’t eat too much. Remember that even healthy calories can make you fat.

80 Million Pounds of Guacamole in One Day!

Guacamole is great to enjoy any day. (Some would say every day!)

In the U.S., the two biggest days for eating guacamole are Super Bowl Sunday and Cinco de Mayo. While Cinco de Mayo used to be the clear winner, Super Bowl parties now compete very closely with the May 5th celebration of Mexican pride and heritage.

For the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII, Americans wolfed down 79 million pounds of avocados, almost all of it in the form of guacamole. That’s about 158 million avocados!

But Cinco de Mayo proved it’s still the biggest day for serving (and eating!) guacamole. In 2012, the California Avocado Commission estimated that Americans across the country ate about 81 million pounds of guacamole — that’s about 162 million avocados.

Super Quick and Easy Guacamole Recipe

Want to whip up some guacamole in a hurry?

Mash some avocados, add some lime juice (to keep them from turning an unappetizing brown), and mix in some of your favorite jarred salsa.

Then grab a bag of tortilla or pita chips and you’re ready to go.

Tip: Frozen avocados work great for guacamole. Check out our article about saving money by freezing your avocados: How to Freeze Avocados: Quick and Easy!

About 50 heart-healthy calories in each guacamole scoop

Do you have a good guacamole recipe? Leave a comment and let us know!

How Do You Like Your Guacamole?

There are tons of great ways to enjoy guacamole.

The most common is certainly served as a dip with tortilla chips. But you can also spread it on a sandwich or burger, add it to your salad, or spread it on some plain toast.

How do YOU like to eat guacamole? Do you have a favorite guacamole recipe? Share it by leaving a comment below.

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