How Many Calories in the Foods You Eat?

You shouldn’t obsess about calories and you don’t need to keep track of every single one. But if you are trying to watch your weight (which everyone should!), then you do need to be aware of the calories in the foods that you eat. Some foods are simply not worth the calories. And oftentimes, you may be surprised by just how many (or how few) calories there are in certain foods. We’ve taken a close look at some popular foods. Check out the articles below.
Bananas are great in protein shakes

Calories in a Banana: What You Need to Know

How many calories in a banana? It depends on size (see the chart). But if you are counting calories to lose weight, there is much more you need to know…  [continue reading] 

Apples make the perfect snack.

How Many Calories in an Apple?

Apples are a super healthy snack. They’re full of vitamins and antioxidants and they pack lots of health benefits. But what if you’re watching your weight? Don’t worry. Calories vary by size, but a medium apple has only about  [continue reading] 

Pouring a glass of red wine? How many calories is that?

Calories in a Glass or Bottle of Wine

How many calories in a glass or bottle of wine? That depends on the type. See the chart for calories in various red and white table wines, dessert wines, and cooking wine. And read on to see what you should know about wine health benefits…  [continue reading] 

How many calories in a slice of pizza?

How Many Calories Are In A Slice of Pizza?

An average slice of delivery chain cheese pizza has about 249 calories. But the calories vary greatly by brand, toppings, and crust style. Use the charts below to see the calories from the most popular pizza delivery chains and frozen pizza brands.  [continue reading] 

Caffeine and Calories in Green Tea

Caffeine and Calories in a Cup of Green Tea

Drinking green tea is great for your health and your weight loss goals. It has zero calories and half the caffeine of black tea. But watch out for iced tea — that’s almost as unhealthy as soda!  [continue reading] 

Where is the Actual Calorie Calculator?

We had to take our food calorie calculator offline for some maintenance. It calculates the calories and nutritional information for over 7,900 foods. Do you want to see it back? If so, let us know by leaving a comment below and we’ll speed up our work on fixing it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease :-) In the meantime, you check the USDA food database here: USDA National Nutrient (and Calorie) Database

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