Calorie Calculators: Calories In and Calories Burned

Whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain your current weight or even gain weight, you’ve got to be aware of calories.

If you want to maintain your current weight, you need to eat about the same number of calories that you burn. If you want to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you eat.

You shouldn’t obsess and stress about every calorie, but you should generally be aware of what you are eating and what you are burning. Use the calorie calculators below to help figure it out and keep track.

How Many Calories in the Food You Eat?

How many calories in that apple or banana you just ate? Stuck eating lunch at the food court? Should you eat the kung pao chicken (240 calories), the beef with broccoli (120 calories) or the orange chicken (420 calories)? Use this calorie calculator to find the calories and the nutritional information in the foods you eat. Try it.

Calories In Foods

How Many Calories Do You Burn Exercising
(or Doing Anything Else)

How many calories are you burning when you go for that 3 mile run? How about when you walk up 2 flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator? How about jumping on the trampoline with the kids? What exercise burns the most calories? Find out the calories you burn on over 800 activities.Try it.

Calories Burned

Click the buttons above to find out the calories going in and out of your body. Are there any other calculators you would like to see? Let us know by using the comments below.

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