Buffalo Meat – A Healthy Choice

Grass fed buffalo meat is generally much healthier than other cuts from animals like cows, pigs, or even chicken, which is very surprising to most people. On average and compared with similar cuts, buffalo will have fewer calories, less bad cholesterol and also less fat. Buffalo cuts will be less marbled with fat than beef cuts, which explains why they are so much healthier. Additionally, meat from buffalo tends to be higher in good cholesterol counts, which is why buffalo is such a great substitution for more traditional cuts when you are trying to eat healthier.

Cooking Buffalo Meat is Faster, Healthier

It is important to remember than when cooking with buffalo it will cook much faster than more traditional cuts of beef or pork. This is primarily because of the lower fat content in the meat. Fat acts as an insulator for heat, so less fat means that the meat is cooked directly. A great way to combat this is to use marinades. A marinade means more “juice” in the meat, so when it gets cooked there is more liquid for the steak. Another great way to keep as much liquid in the steak is simply to turn it less.

When you are looking for buffalo meat it is important to make sure that you do all of your research before buying. You may be surprised to find out that the terms buffalo and bison are interchangeable, at least in the United States, so be aware that the meat you are looking for may be listed under either name. The first thing you need to know is that the best in buffalo will be grass fed and farm raised. Grass fed buffalo meat will be healthier in general because buffalo are natural grazers; they will also be leaner because of this. When on a ranch, a buffalo will migrate much more than buffalo raised in other places.

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