Best Fitness Apps of 2012

Sweat it out to the most popular and promising technology of the year.

Top 2012 Fitness Apps

It's not easy to stay on top of your fitness goals. Try these fitness apps to help keep you on track.

We’re only 2 months into the New Year and already gym numbers are dwindling, yoga classes have ample mat space, and spin classes are feeling the absence of too many cyclists. No more excuses—you can’t be too busy, too tired, or just too bored to be fit in 2012. Especially with the millions, and billions of fitness-specific apps available for Android, iPhone, or Blackberry phones. The top fitness apps will keep you motivated by tracking your calories burned every time you exercise; journaling every calorie you consume, providing advice when it comes to recommend recipes, hydration levels, and even way to cut down on your salt intake. Really, you no longer have a reason to skip your workouts and eat poorly. With a support team made up of the best fitness apps of 2012, this is the year you will take control of your health and your well-being:

1. Nike + iPod ($20)

Introducing a piece of glorious workout inspiration from the professionals at Nike, you can now easily track every workout and every bit of progress—including your calories burned, distance covered, heart rate, time and speed—when your iPod touch or iPhone wirelessly transmits all of this workout data to so you can concentrate on the important part: sweating your butt off. Nike + iPod combines a truly innovational fitness app with your iTunes library, so every workout is accompanied by the tunes that get your energy pumping and your feet moving.

Use the Sodium 101 app to help limit your salt intake.

Use the Sodium 101 app to help limit your salt intake.

2. Sodium 101 (Free)

Evil salt is hidden in so many foods that you probably have no idea are bad for you. However, sodium can quickly put a dehydrated body in danger or cause your body to soar into dangerous high blood pressure zones. Salt intake is vital if you’re trying to shed poundage and excess bloat. Sodium 101 is an app that will raise your awareness when it comes to consuming the salt hidden in canned foods, snack foods, and processed sauces.

Track your calories and meet your fitness goals with the MyFitnessPal app.

Track your calories and meet your fitness goals with the MyFitnessPal app.

3. MyFitnessPal (Free)

Did you know that those who keep track of their daily meals always lose more weight than those who don’t? That’s why an app like MyFitnessPal is a vital fitness ally. This app has a user-friendly interface that makes counting calories an easy daily chore. Just select the foods you eat from MyFitnessPal’s huge food database, which contains over 1.1 million foods—even your favorite restaurant chain menu items, fast food selections, organic ingredients, and your mama’s favorite home cooked specialties too.

Ab Workout Pro Screen Shot

Flatten your abs with the Ab Workout Pro app.

4. Ab Workouts Pro ($0.99)

Do you have a spare tire? No, I’m not looking for help with my car; I’m referring to that thick layer of flab that tends to present itself around our mid-sections as we become less active. If you’re shy to be seen in a bikini because of your bulging belly, Ab Workouts Pro can help you attain that six-pack you’ve always desired! Offering daily ab-blasting workouts that will target your core muscles (your abdominals and your lower back) this app will provide all of the flab-busting inspiration you need to crunch your way to optimal health.

The MapMyFitness app will help you track all your outdoor exercise routes.

The MapMyFitness app will help you track all your outdoor exercise routes.

5. MapMyFitness (Free)

I love MapMyFitness and I take advantage of it to map my favorite running routes, cycling routes, and hiking routes. I even use it to map my favorite dog walking routes (and my pooch sure appreciates it too). MapMyFitness offers a user-friendly interface with step-by-step instructions on how to map out your workout routes, provide data on the distances you’ve covered, the terrains, and if you want some company, it even lets you share them with friends via your social networks!

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  1. Lynn Brown says:

    While these apps are great for every health conscious individual, I still would go to the gym. Those apps are good when you do your own exercises ,but having a professional trainer to guide you is much more different . I go to the gym 3 times a week and am always happy after every session. Knowing that I have a good instructor, I know that I will always attain what I desire; a healthy and fit me.

    • Editor says:

      Thanks Lynn. A personal trainer is certainly a great option for those who can afford one! A personal trainer will definitely help you progress quickly (and safely) to meet your fitness goals.

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