Best Exercises to get rid of love handles

There are a lot of exercises available online, especially exercise to lose love handles. But first you should know more about love handles. They are deposits of fat in your abdominal region and usually make people look ugly, even if they have a beautiful body.

If you want to get rid of them(as a lot of people actually want) then the best workout routines that you should create includes cardiovascular exercises. These are the perfect exercises for losing love handles because they elevate the metabolism of your body and even help forming muscles in some regions. Thus you not only lose fat but also start building a new body – more muscular and beautiful.

You should practice cardiovascular exercises  at least 20 and at most 60 minutes per day. It depends on your level. It is advisable to go with outdoor cardio exercises but sometimes it is not possible. However the best outdoor ones include swimming, biking, jogging, running, rowing, hiking and even just walking. All of us usually do them. However as I said outdoor cardio exercises are not always possible, so there is alternative – indoor cardio exercises. Most popular are stationary bicycles, treadmill , stair climbers, ladder climbers, elliptical trainers and rowing machines. In fact they just imitate outdoor exercise and also are very useful.

But only doing cardiovascular exercise will not hey. You should accompany them with other regular workouts just like pushups, pull ups and of course crunches. Doing cardio and regular exercises you will realize some positive changes in your abdominal structure only in a few weeks, and you will also note some huge positive effects in your metabolism and mental alertness only in a few days!

The most important exercise is the crunches because they are specifically abdominal exercise. There are three types of crunches and each of them is equally helpful but you should try to do 25 reps of each serie.

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