Benefits of Back Support Belts

Sometimes your job or home tasks require some heavy lifting and you need to be prepared.  Back support belts can help you prevent potentially harmful back injuries by helping you gain the correct posture whenever you have heavy lifting.

For instance, the Remedease deluxe back support belt includes a woven elastic cinch so that you can customize your individual fit and support.  The lightweight, breathable Lycra knit mesh has a heavy-duty reinforced structure with stay-put rubberized binding bilateral support.  Even though the support has seven rigid stays, it also includes removable adjustable suspenders.  Furthermore when unfastened, nylon tape retainers are used to hold the elastic band supports in place.

Back braces are not exclusively for heavy lifting.  Waist/Thigh Trimmers carries a walking back su*pport belt to help correct posture while walking by supporting the middle and lower back.  This belt is made of a high quality neoprene to help with comfort, elasticity and heat retention.  The heat retention helps you shed excess water as you walk.  The Grip-strip closure allows you to customize your fit to be as snug as you like.

Expectant mothers may also find a back brace to ease their discomfort during pregnancy.  A maternity support belt such as the Soft Form maternity support belt is designed to ease lower back pain as it supports the abdominal and lumbar regions of the body.  The Soft Form belt also adjusts to the growing abdomen throughout the pregnancy and can be hidden under clothing.  The elastic side panels create compression and ventilation and are constructed with a cotton/nylon lining.

Many back support belts are relatively inexpensive with some costing close to $10 while those in larger sizes can cost close to $50.  However, this may very well be a worthwhile investment as it may save you from other most costly and painful injuries.

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