Benefits Of A Stationary Rower

Benefits Of A Stationary Rower

The stationary rower has experienced a recent upsurge in popularity, after decades of stagnation, for several reasons. The first thing is that the stationary rower gives users a great cardiovascular workout. The heads up display will give you readouts on your heart and pulse rate to allow you to exercise to your limit but not over. The muscle groups that are worked go from the neck muscles all the way down to the feet, with the majority of the stress being placed on the strong muscles of the chest, shoulders and back. Originally invented for outdoor use in the training of rowing athletes, this machine has been moved indoors and gives private users the same advantages and great workouts but in the comfort of the home.

This is not a machine for everyone. If you are a pregnant woman or a child you should not use a stationary rower. The exercises are stressful in places that these two categories should avoid. This machine is much easier on the joints than a treadmill or an exercise bike will be also. This is important for anyone with a history of joint injury. If you have a history of back problems or back injury it is better to consult with a physical therapist or orthopedic surgeon before using a rower.

After visiting your physician and getting their approval you should decide how much you want to pay for your rowing machine. A decent stationary rower can cost as much as $300 while a top of the line device, like the ones used in upscale health clubs and professional sports teams training rooms can cost over $1000. This difference in price is not so much a matter of different manufacturers, also there is a difference there, it is more based on what features you elect to purchase.

If you are buying your equipment online you should be aware of the shipping costs, especially if you are buying from a company located outside of your country. International shipping costs can be horrendously expensive and there is always the chance of it getting lost in transit. One of these rowers can easily weight about 75 lbs. While a few companies will pay for domestic shipping none will pay for international. And even domestic shipping will take a few weeks to get to you. A stationary rowing machine can give you and your family many years of good health and great exercise. Take your time and find the right type for you and start getting into shape now.

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  1. Editor says:

    Thanks for the comment Kevin. You make a great point. Personally, I would certainly prefer to row on the water. But that’s often not practical (or affordable) for many folks. When outdoors is not an option, you are right that an indoor rower can be a good choice.

  2. Kevin says:

    There’s some debate about which form of rowing gives you the greatest amount of challenge or difficulty. Proponents of outdoor rowing note that the elements can give rowers an impressive challenge if you’re rowing on choppy water or fighting against a strong headwind. These are considerations that can’t really be controlled, however, so if you want to consistently challenge yourself, an indoor rower with adjustable resistance may be your best choice so that you can control the level of challenge.

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