Benefits and Warnings for the Honey Cayenne Pepper Cleanse

Benefits and Warnings for the Honey Cayenne Pepper Cleanse

If you are a health freak, you might have come across the term Master Cleanse. This is a very popular detox cleansing method where the dieter uses a honey cayenne pepper cleanse in order to lose weight. Recently, some Hollywood starlets also banked on this method to regain their lost figure, slimming down just in time for the start of shooting on a film set. This cleanse is also sometimes referred to as the lemonade diet. In this article, we shall talk about the benefits and some warnings for this cleansing method.

Benefits of the Cayenne Pepper Cleanse

To understand this method, you should know that the ingredients are all natural everyday foods. So taking them as weight loss agents or cleansing agents shouldn’t be harmful at all.

For the duration of the diet, you will be following a liquid diet, essentially a fast. You take a blend of honey and cayenne pepper in cold or warm water at least 8 times in a day. Some people use lemon as well for better taste. This process is designed for detoxifying the body. Proponents believe it will help you become free of all free radicals stored inside the body and the digestive system is repaired.

Now, if you do it for three to four days, it is healthy and safe.But it is still a good idea to keep in touch with your physician. You are also not recommended to do any physical activities. You should stay home and take rest. Give yourself a bit of a cleansing holiday, both your mind and your body.

Warnings :

I must warn you here that if you continue this only liquid diet for more than 10 days, you could wind up with a few critical ailments so I would not even consider following the plan for longer than 8-10 days, unless your own doctor says it is okay. Even then, I think you are better off gradually adding other raw and healthy foods back into your diet instead.

So, cayenne cleansing is good for short fasts, but you must consult your doctor before using any such extreme means to cut down that extra fat around your belly. It is up to you, if you wish to become slim and beautiful or pale and weak!

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