Battling Men Hair Loss With DHT Blocker

Battling against men hair loss may not seem like a rocket science but it does help to make thing less complex if we can identify the main cause or origin of the problems. While hair loss problems faced by men may be link to several factors like inheritance, lack of hair vitamins or environmental damages. The majority of all hair loss cases are still caused by a chemical called DHT, which is a chemical by-product found in our body. The birth of DHT is due to a chemical bonding between two chemical elements, the testosterone and an enzyme called 5-Alpha Reductase. While both elements are found in our body, only testosterone is proven to have any positive influence on our health.

As the leading cause of premature baldness, DHT wrapped itself around the hair follicles and cut off the blood flowing towards them. This will prevent the hair follicles from receiving nutrients and vitamins that are needed for healthy hair growth. For men who suffered DHT linked hair loss, they would normally experience thinning of hair from the crown of their head and slowly to the top. And in time, it will further develop into premature hair loss and baldness.

Men have always been the main victim of DHT hair loss when compare with women, and this is mainly due to the high level of testosterone contained in their body. Luckily, researchers have found that DHT has no positive health effect to the carrier body. So the best solution to stop DHT hair loss is to remove the 5-Alpha Reductase enzymes or simply to remove DHT in the body directly.

DHT Blocker (also known as Anti DHT shampoo) which can be widely found in the market is the most effective solution to stop DHT hair loss. It has the ability to reduce the production of DHT effectively by blocking the testosterone from having chemical reaction with 5 Alpha Reductase.

However, when selecting the best DHT blocker shampoo, always choose those that contained natural active ingredients, as they will produce better result without having any harmful side effects.

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