Basic Facts on Rosacea: Possible Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Basic Facts on Rosacea: Possible Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Most people have heard about rosacea before and have a basic idea of what it is. They know that it involves the skin, but many are still not exactly sure just what it entails. Rosacea is a quite common condition that does involve the skin but which is quite complex. This skin disease typically affects adults and results in the person having a flushed appearance.

Rosacea can act up at times so at certain times of the day their face may be redder than others. Some people have certain triggers that set their rosacea off. Harsh skin care products and excessive UV exposure for instance can be dangerous to the skin and even more so in a person with rosacea.

Doctors are not exactly sure what the cause of rosacea is, even though this condition has been around for centuries. It is believed that it passes through the genes so it is hereditary and if someone in your family has it such as your mother or grandmother you are more likely to develop it yourself.

A lacking immune system is also thought to be linked to the condition. Rosacea often goes misdiagnosed. A person may assume they are just dealing with acne or sunburn when they notice redness on their face. Basically the only way to tell the difference is to watch and see whether the redness goes away or not.

Fortunately there are different methods of effectively treating rosacea. If you think you are dealing with such a skin condition it is important you get in to see your doctor right away. Better yet, make an appointment with a local dermatologist. They are the professionals with the most expertise in their field and the best to turn to for information on rosacea. They assess each patient’s condition and determine what treatment would work best. This could include anything from a specific antibiotic to IPL laser treatments to  OTC rosacea cream. For those suspicious of red blotches and inflammation of the skin, the worst thing to do is nothing, as untreated rosacea can develop progressively into a more sever condition. However, with a proper treatment regime, the condition is generally treatable.

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