Are there Bronchitis Remedies?

Are there Bronchitis Remedies?

If you or any of your kids are suffering from incessant coughing that’s deep, raspy & painful, coupled with breathing difficulty, it may well be bronchitis. When upper respiratory viral infections move down to the chest, bronchitis may last for weeks. It’s a disease which is characterized by inflammation of the air passageways. The considerable amount of yellowish-green mucus collecting in the lungs is what leads to chest congestion and subsequent breathing difficulty.

Some kids and adults may be prone to bronchitis. In recent years, there’s been a trend of healthy preschool kids catching from six to eight viral respiratory infections with cough in a year. Fluctuating weather conditions have even upped this number in most countries. On the other hand, some people are just so prone to coughing they experience bouts of respiratory infection and are repeatedly confined in the hospital. A doctor’s constant supervision is very crucial for bronchitis sufferers.

Say goodbye to persistent hacking cough and win the battle for breath without going through a harrowing experience of hospital confinement and complications. There are several effective bronchitis remedies. At the first sign of an unproductive cough, in which phlegm is not brought up, take a cough suppressant. You may also take a natural cough & bronchial tea that supports the respiratory system owing to the soothing & healing power of herbal ingredients like eucalyptus, licorice, and slippery elm.

A productive cough (in which phlegm is brought up) shouldn’t be suppressed. Fresh horseradish, or ground horseradish root added to a cup of boiling water; hot mustard; and wasabi (Japanese horseradish) all may liquefy bronchial secretions. Turmeric, the staple of Indian cooking, is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Try adding half a teaspoon of turmeric powder with a glass of milk and take twice or thrice a day to ease bronchitis. Or opt for half a teaspoon of dry sesame seeds crushed to a fine powder and mixed with two tablespoons of water. Also touted among the best natural remedies for bronchitis are ginger and honey. To ease lung congestion, enjoy a steam bath, and eat nutritious foods like fresh spinach leaves. If you’ve been diagnosed with allergic bronchitis, avoid the triggers, including some foodstuff. Oh, and do give up tobacco.

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