Are bodybuilding Workouts For You?

Many of us know we should exercise more and that some resistance training is good for us but are bodybuilding workouts for you?  What exactly is a bodybuilding workout?  I don’t want to get huge, should I still use a bodybuilding routine?  These are all good questions and even better, here are some possible solutions.

First of all, obviously not everyone can do resistance training with weights. The elderly, those with certain injuries and the very young might not be able to do much, if any weight training.  You should get clearance from your doctor before beginning any weight routine.  If you can lift weights then you absolutely should.

Too many people believe that lifting is just for super-jocks and competitive athletes.  This notion is not only wrong; it robs many people of having lean, muscular bodies.  Here is some exotic wisdom about the benefits to using a resistance training workout.

1.    Strength training helps you lose weight, more specifically, the bad weight or excess body fat.  Why is this?  The only way that you can lose weight is to burn more calories than you eat.  This is known as a calorie deficit.  The way to burn calories is by using muscles and by using your organs.

You can’t do much about using your organs but you absolutely can control how much muscle mass you have on your body.  The more muscle mass, the more calories you will burn, even if you aren’t doing anything.  It is much more difficult for your body to have excess fat when you have a good deal of muscle mass.

2.    You will look better:  Most people find lean muscular bodies more attractive.  This shouldn’t be your primary reason for getting fit but it is a nice bonus.

3.    You will be fit:  Having lean muscle mass actually helps your entire body perform better.  You will be stronger, you back and skeletal structure will have more support, and you will be less inclined to sustain injury.

The workouts usually consist of breaking your muscle groups into different days.  Start off small and work your way up over time.  The workouts can really be whatever you want.  The only difference between a bodybuilder’s workout and any workout is merely the commitment level and the intensity.  Overall, there are too many benefits to list but suffice it to say, you don’t have to be a professional bodybuilder to enjoy the benefits of bodybuilding workouts.

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  1. Nick- The 6 Week Workout Program says:

    I completely agree that weight lifting can benefit almost everyone (except of course some of the elderly and injured people). Body building workouts may not be for everyone, but weight lifting is underrated! Thanks for a great post.

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