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Cellulite is something that affects about 90% of women, and in most cases it will occur on the thighs, bum and tummy. Cellulite is a kind of fat tissue that is made up of constrictive bands of tissue and it is this structure that eventually leads to the dimpling that is known as cellulite, as fluids and toxins accumulate below the epidural layer of the skin and the connective tissues thickens and hardens. The anti-cellulite skin care cream market is ever increasing, and more and more “miracle” products seem to hit the shelves every week.

Cellulite is determined largely by genetics and not, as many people mistakenly believe by weight or body fat levels. Because it is a build up of toxins and fat that ultimately lead to cellulite it can appear even on the thinnest of women, and can be seen on dancers and athletes as well as those that are overweight. It is because of it’s prevalence that there is such a huge market for anti cellulite cream, lotions and potions. This kind of skin care cream is very hit and miss, and while some products do actually produce results, many cellulite creams do very little for the problem at all.

The thing to remember is that you need to choose a cream that has active ingredients that can work at breaking down toxins as well as improve the circulation to your skin, and of course moisturise. Many creams require you to massage them into any areas affected by cellulite twice a day, and more often than not it is this massaging action that has the greatest affect on dimpling as it increases the blood flow to the area while working on the pockets of trapped toxins and fluid, gently breaking them down. Active ingredients such as L-Carnitine, which has a vital role in fat metabolism in the body, can be beneficial when used regularly in a skin creams as part of a cellulite reduction regime.

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