An Overview of Hybrid Golf Clubs and Their Features

An Overview of Hybrid Golf Clubs and Their Features

More and more of the world’s top golfers are turning to hybrid golf clubs. Most of the golf club companies are now producing them. Essentially, “hybrid” means a combination of wood and iron designs. These clubs are designed to launch the ball far into the air from long distances. Initially, amateur golfers had some difficulties with hybrids, but with modifications, they are now a lot easier to use.

These clubs have flat, wooden faces which are similar to those of flat irons. The weight in hybrids is evenly distributed through the club, whereas the weight in regular wooden clubs is mostly towards the front. The length of hybrids is similar to that in iron clubs. The lofts tend to be around 16 to 24 degrees like longer irons.

Hybrid gold clubs are designed for accuracy. Since they do not have curvy faces or roundness, the shots are simple. Golfers thus have better distance control. The bottoms have runners that help the club interact with any type of turf.

If you want to buy a hybrid golf club, you must be willing to change. These clubs are quite different than what you are used to, so be prepared to mix and match your set. It is important to realize that hybrids are not necessarily meant to be replacements, but as new selections to a set.

However, many beginner and intermediate level golfers DO use hybrids in place of fairway woods or long irons, such as the 3 and 4. They find that hybrid shots are easier to control since the ball is hit higher. If you have trouble hitting long irons, then you will definitely find the hybrid clubs to be a better option. Even if you do not have trouble hitting with other clubs, you may still find hybrids to be useful.

Perhaps the best thing about using hybrid clubs is that they are versatile. They can be used from any distance on any surface. They are designed to allow more room for error.

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