Acne Home Cures

Acne causes embarrassment and may come without invitation to spoil the look of our face. Teenagers often get pimples at least once a month due to the secretion of hormones. Women nearing their periods get distressing pimples. If you are suffering due to these breakouts, don’t worry. Just follow these home remedies and you will get out of it soon:

Makeup Choices

Don’t use lotions and creams that are oily. Avoid wearing makeup at all, if possible. If you are very much concerned about it, just do a light layer of makeup using water-based preparations. Oily makeup is one of the main causes for breakouts of pimples.

Vitamins and Fatty Acids

Oily sebum production is a major cause of acne. They clog the pores on your skin and taking essential fatty acids and vitamin A dilutes these substances and protects your face from embarrassing pimples. You should not take vitamin A in increased proportions, as they may cause bone fractures as per the report of Reader’s Digest Vitamin & Herbs.

Keep Your Skin Clean

Use some gentle cleanser or medicated cleanser like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to wash your face. Don’t disturb the white heads for it might increase the pain and cause trouble. If your skin had been dried up by using medicines, add a little moisturizer to dampen it.

Detox Plan

There is a body Detox Plan suggested by Joshi’s Holistic Life Plan, which states that you should avoid liquor and other intoxicating products, oily food substances, proteins extracted from animals, sucrose and cocoa products. This plan checks mental stress and hormonal imbalance, which are the main causes of acne. This plan also advises the intake of traditional and herbal foods like Aloe Vera juice and spiced tea with cumin, coriander and fennel in it.

Black Heads and White Heads

Black heads are caused by clogged pores and you can squeeze them out off your face, gently with clean fingers. But doing the same with white heads is dangerous as it might cause infection or scarring.

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